113 new appointments as Queen’s Counsel were announced on Thursday 12 January 2017.

The full list of 2016-17 appointments, a press release relating to the announcement, the Selection Panel’s Report on the 2016-17 competition, documents setting out how the QC Selection Panel approached the competencies, statistics from 1995 to present  and a note on feedback to interviewed applicants can be found below:

The Silk Ceremony was held on Monday 13 February 2017.

The last date for applicants to submit a complaint about the 2016-17 competition was 13 March 2017.

QCA surveyed applicants in the 2016-17 competition to obtain their views about some aspects of the appointment process.  A report of the results is here.

If you require further information, please contact the Chief Executive of the QC Secretariat Russell Wallman or other QC Secretariat staff on 0207 831 0020 or email enquiries@qcappointments.org.