The 2022 KC competition appointment process is now closed for applications.

We expect to inform applicants whether or not they have been invited to interview on 9th September 2022.

The announcement of appointments arising from the competition is determined by the Ministry of Justice, rather than by KCA. We hope appointments will be announced in December 2022.

For enquiries please call 0207 831 0020 or email


The Guidance for Applicants includes guidance on completion of the application form and provides comprehensive information about all aspects of the process. The guidance for the 2022 Competition is available for download via the link to the right.

Advocacy includes both written and oral advocacy before the higher courts, arbitrations and tribunals and equivalent bodies. The advocacy may be in written or oral form but must relate to developing and advancing a client’s or employer’s case to secure the best outcome for the client in a dispute.  That outcome may, for example, be secured through arbitration, court determination or a settlement agreement. Oral advocacy includes advocacy in a court or tribunal, mediation, arbitration or in negotiation. There is no specific requirement as to the amount of written or in-court advocacy, so long as the there is sufficient evidence for the Panel to reach a conclusion as to excellence in respect of each aspect of advocacy.


The Application Form and the 2022 Guidance for Applicants can be found on the links to the right.


A note on the Selection Panel’s approach to feedback can be found here.


If you need further information on anything regarding the application form or the appointments process please contact:

King’s Counsel Secretariat
020 7831 0020